(for Hannah)

She, in the train wreck,
Fallout, burning, searing flesh
Beneath the beating of a faint heart,
She, as I remember her, spring lily,
Ivory princess, beside the table
Smattered with watermelon flesh,
She, with an icy smile,
Eyes extract of the Milky Way,
Orion's belt loops,
Hair like the hot shower steam
That fogs up the mirror,
She, in the fabric-like
Tangenting of days and weeks,
The necessary orbit,
Inter-stellar, undeserving
Of such earthy earth,
She, with a sharp severance
A shifting wind, a falling leaf (loneliness),
A heart that waits to be invested,
Burns and courses through fire-like
Days as much a living entity
As she herself.
It's too late – a notice
Is in the mail.