Of the Here and Now and When it Goes Away

We all hang in the balance
As time waits
Like a cat guarding the mouse hole.
It can't end like this though.
When it's over, do we sit
And enjoy victories spoils
Or do we playfully paw
Our cornered prey
Until it scampers off
Like long deceased prayers?
The weight is on the ordinary:
That barn, this tree, those birds,
But the days of brainstorming
Are nearing their end
And after another May or two
I may find the hours longer.
I can't make more of this
Than the bricks already laid,
When all the castles in the distance
Seem stronger
And my shining armor pales.
Is it only then
That I will hang by my neck
From everything I accomplished?
When it's all over
And the dusk of all my days
Will I chase
My tail in circles
As my shadow grows long
And heavy,
Drooping from my feet
Like wet cement,
Like the cheeks
Of a fat trumpet player,
Bringing in the evening
And shutting the door
Behind it?
This is where
Soul meets spirit,
Where home meets house.
This is the translation
Of my nameIn tangible entities,
The epitome
Of familiar places.
So on with the celebration.
Let the confetti of my future
Fill my days
As long as it falls from
The change of address forms
I dismantled secretly
In the sneaking dark.