Beyond Arcadia

If I could pass beyond Arcadia
And the fake perfection
That leads astray,
That props me up
On anxious legs
And helps reference me
To the fool I once was,
I could stress the maskless me,
The initial me, the unfamiliar me,
And compose a new face
That chance may sing someday
In helpless harmony
With the distance I always feel.
I am numbered
By my unfounded claims
That flounder and fail to serve
In conquering all
That separates me from myself,
That line the walls
In pictureless frames.
Patience is a virtue
Blushing can't achieve,
A candle can't ignite,
A sorry can't erase,
And I thirst for something
Done under better intent.
Miles and miles
Of length and width and depth
In varying degrees of eternity
Are more than a choice
Could untangle.

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