September Together

The world was all above us,
Distant, dark, serene.
The trees that bent their curled boughs over us
Seemed other-worldly.
Laying still, with the trampoline
Bowed under us, heads toward the center,
I think the world did not really exist.
The words we spoke
Floated between us,
Completely immaterial.
Your aura awakened the night
And tainted it a brilliant mix
Of vibrant colors.
The entire ambiance,
The darkness, the old and squirrel infested tree,
And the toys scattered throughout the yard,
Seemed placed there for our benefit,
To serenade our foolish emotions
And coax us into something
We would later regret.
I could feel your smile
Though I couldn't see it.
The wine of our togetherness
Made us long to tarry
In our self-conceived perfection.
But I drove home
Back into the world I had abandoned,
And waded slowly through time
Seeking the next splattering of us,
The next time your presence
Would mark all things other-worldly.

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