What You Conjured Up

It was good to see you again
But I think I may have been eternally happier
To have stayed naive. Life is such
A handful of horse manure at times
That it’s a wonder the smell
Has not stifled us into submission:

Submission is who I am
And you are the rose whose petals
Lie on the linoleum floor in the bathroom.

I feel I’ve been here far longer
Than time could ever measure in subtle
Slouchings of a head, my head - hitting
The steering wheel at the thought of the music
Hitting the windows like rain.
My knees are bleeding in their consummated
Mormon marriage with the concrete,
The carpet, the thought of you again,
And I know I’ve wondered before
If you would ever end, that is,
Change your mind.
Curiosity, I know, will never be enough
To drag me under so I can just forget it.
It will be too much.

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