While You Were Out

I took the liberty
Of organizing your library
According to the number
Of sins in each book.
Those with the most
Are along the far wall.
I am forever scrubbing
These dirty floors,
By the tainting of my heart,
The tainting of all hearts.
Where the lights were out
I turned them on
Hoping the flies in their globes
Wouldn't cast too much shadow.
I drank a bit of your wine
And ate a bit of the supper
You had prepared for tonight.
I'm sorry if it was your last.
Everything is in the order I found it
(Except the afore mentioned things)
And I buried a few coins
In the front yard.
I also trimmed a few of the trees
That seemed to be producing
Too much fruit.
They made the other trees look bad.
When you come again
I hope you will take notice
Of my house keeping efforts.
Best wishes
And farewell.

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