In Memory of Memories

There's snow piled under the windows
Where lovers use to watch
Their ex's fornicate.

Winter always comes
When they're trying
Hardest to be warm,

And snow becomes the ambulance
To rush them off to surgery,
IVs dripping transfusion

Into their lives.
They ask themselves if there
Was ever reason enough

To cheer the eternal summer.
Even autumn's auburn freckles
Find a way to lose face

As change contrabands
The childhood smile
And inboxes stacked with the real world

Negate the laughter
Of chubby cheeked boys and girls.
Now that they're grown

(and know not to laugh),
They sit in bars drinking up
The dregs of adolesence

While reminiscing drunkenly
About the people they loved,
Who slept with someone else

Last night while they
Got frost-bite on their fingers
From wiping the fog off the windows.

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