Bet (house): part 2 of The Red Letters

Within these walls are many rooms,
more than can be lived in.
Some have never been seen,
some cannot be, lacking a door.

Others have been abandoned.
In one room, the artifacts of work
are lined along the wall, all that
is needed to dig, trim, plant, clean.

Beyond that is the dining room
where a great feast is always
ready, an abundance of bread
and meat and the purest milk.

In the center of one room
a great fireplace burns,
providing heat to the whole house
and, in the middle of the house,

a natural spring, the often-sought
fountain of life, bleeds
its nutrients into aqueducts
that reach each arm of the house.

From the fountain’s coolness
a garden grows brilliantly green
with fruit for every season and,
in an open and circular area,

a mustard tree under which
many birds nest in shade.

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