Looking for a Fixture

Edison and Tesla lit bulbs
all over the world.
Whenever a soft click
issues from the corner
and suddenly God
is commanding creation,
they, like so many others,
resonate back into being.
I am told that in Hebrew,
“Let there be light,”
is an anagram for
Tomas Edison (for they
do not understand the being
of h in such words).
It requires little effort
to obtain a light bulb
and yet the purchase alone
secures nothing. For years,
I have been sitting in darkness
waiting for combustion.
I am currently amassing
the world’s largest collection
of unused bulbs, second
only to Tesla himself.
What a lemming philosophy
to expect them to ignite
and illuminate hitherto
unsuspected recesses in
the rooms I frequent!
And yet I hold them up
one at a time in my
avid fingers, testing
their filament and admiring
their sleek, rounded figures,
desperately appreciative of
a light only I see.

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